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Meredith Kahn (best known for her previous Jewelry Line, MADE HER THINK, an anagram of her name) has ventured into new territory with the launch of her eponymous Fine Jewelry line, MEREDITH KAHN. As most things grow and change, so does creative output. Embarking on a new phase of her jewelry career, Meredith Kahn has decided to step out from behind the curtain of MADE HER THINK, and give her undivided attention to a more intimate assortment of Fine Jewelry. As a pioneer for styles like the Double Band Chain Ring and the Diamond Love Twist, Meredith continues to introduce new ways to design and wear jewelry. Every collection is designed with the idea that life is ever changing and always evolving. The pieces are made to become part of you, being layered and stacked and held on to forever.

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