Leading Lady : Jane Goodall

"The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves."

 Jane Goodall decided she wanted to live with animals in Africa when she was just eight years old. She entered the forest of Tanzania eighteen years later with few qualifications apart from tenacity, bravery, and a profound fascination with animals. Jane went on to make groundbreaking discoveries about chimpanzees that changed science forever. She earned her Ph.D. and continued research work for years until coming to a grim realization; the chimpanzee population was plummeting, their habitat being destroyed, and she alone could not stop it. Jane decided to dedicate her life to educating others about conservation, sustainability, and the interconnection between the environment and human well-being. Perhaps Jane's most vital message is that which she shares most often to young people through her youth-led organization: that people can make a difference and there is a reason for hope. - Kelly Longhurst

Photo Credit : Hugo Van Lawick via National Geographic Creative