RESIST: Our promise

Bona Drag unequivocally supports Black Lives Matter and equality for all marginalized people. 
As a very small business we have the power to make big, immediate changes but also fewer resources. Acting with transparency we want you to know some changes will take more time to build to ensure longevity.  We hope our long-term goals will make a lasting impact not only on this business but on our community. Our feminism has been intersectional in words but not in practice, and we are committed to the learning process of dismantling white supremacy by taking the time to listen and hold ourselves accountable. We can and will do better. 
In the coming year Bona Drag commits to the following steps; 
We will racially diversify our designer list and build meaningful relationships with the new designers we take on. We want to create partnerships that allow emerging designers to grow their businesses in a lasting, sustainable way that supports their creative expression throughout their careers.  
We will hire diverse voices to write for our Resist and Leading Lady blog pages. We welcome writers of color and especially women to reach out to us with ideas for contributions. Please email for information on how to apply. We are a very small team, with two full time and two part time employees (who are all white). As the team grows BIPOC will be prioritized as new hires. 
We will continue our ongoing financial donations to causes that support BIPOC. 
We will offer our employees paid time to volunteer for these causes.  
As an immediate action we increased our donations to NAACP, RECLAIMTHEBLOCK & BLOC by extending our offer of 25% donation of all sales for two solid weeks (ending June 12th). 
In Solidarity,  
Heather Wojner 
Owner/Curator, Bona Drag