We Support the Resistance

“We have achieved a great deal, but we still have a long distance to go.” - Gloria Steinem

Resistance exists in many forms. It can be as fundamental as exercising our right to vote, assemble or pray and yet as lavish as deciding where we spend our money, which organizations we support and what books we read to our children.

It is letter writing and making phone calls. We see it on television, hear it on the radio and witness it in the street. We feel its influence when we gather for meetings, protests and marches and we sense it swell as we push back, focusing on our similarities and championing our differences.

It is in us. The power of resistance is both opulent gestures and every day actions. It seldom stands alone and only builds when we pull together. It becomes a beast with limitless power when we simply maintain the pure willingness to keep showing up, reaffirming the knowledge that another’s struggle is simply one step away from our own.

We hope this column will be one of many steps in driving your awareness. Each of us sits at a varying level of activism but we intend these posts to motivate your actions and begin, in even the smallest of ways, to add to our collective resistance. - Maureen Post

Photo Credit : Scott Applewhite - AP Images