RESIST: Pro-Choice

"Any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman's vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child." - Oklahoma State Sen. Constance Johnson in 2012


In 2012, six democratic female lawmakers proposed legislation to regulate a man’s access to reproductive health. Exemplifying the mentality of their male counterparts, they asserted that if a man can control a woman’s reproductive rights, then women should do the same.

Georgian State Representative Yasmin Neal asserted that vasectomies have deprived thousands of children of birth and thus should be regulated by the state.

State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio put forth legislation mandating men looking to obtain drugs for erectile dysfunction attend informational sessions on sexual counseling and resources recommending celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.
And Constance Johnson of Oklahoma proposed a bill making it illegal for a man to ejaculate anywhere outside of a woman’s vagina, arguing the act is a unequivocal rejection of an unborn child.

The motive of these absurd proposals was not to see the legislation passed but rather illicit a blunt illumination of the hypocrisy inherent in decades of governmental interference and control of women’s reproductive rights.

As Rep Neal stated, “If we legislate women’s bodies, it’s only fair that we legislate men’s.”

Historically a woman’s right to her own body has been decided not by the woman herself but by a few who deem themselves worthy of dictating what is right and moral. It is a history rife with injustice and in direct opposition to democracy, freedom and equality.

And so despite the strides of the last 40 years, this week, we were presented a merciless reminder that the fight for our rights is far from over.

We reject Alabama’s decision to ban abortion. We believe women’s rights are human rights. And we recognize that Alabama’s vote is only the initial affront of the GOP to overturn Roe v. Wade and so we urge you to call your senators and demand a voice. - Maureen Post

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