RESIST: Freedom of the Press

“What they fear most is that my example [of speaking out against deceit and corruption] will prove contagious"- Cuban journalist Yoani Sanchez

Iranian journalist Farnaz Seifi was arrested and interrogated as she waited to fly out of a Tehran airport. The main subject of her interrogation was an article she had written about inequality and injustice facing women in Iran.
Authorities claim her work is acting against national security; she’s been deported, and is still unable to return home.

Chinese writer Zeng Jinyan lives under house arrest for publishing works criticizing government policy and exposing human rights abuses in Beijing.
Likewise, Cuba's Yoani Sanchez was harassed on the streets, abducted by men working for the Cuban government and detained for her blogs condemning the struggle of communist Cuba.
She was denied a passport to leave Cuba 20 times before finally being granted in 2013.

In the United States, our democracy hinges on the freedom of the press and the free flow of ideas and information. Protected under the Constitution, our free press polices elected officials and enables a society that is informed and able to hold those officials accountable. Any threat to discredit or intimidate the free press is a threat to weaken our democracy.

We fully reject Trump’s claim that the press is the enemy of the people and contend that his rhetoric of fake news, hoax and conspiracy theories is dangerous and divisive.
His mantra is that of dictators who seek power not with fairness and policy but by discrediting the truth and demonizing those who seek to distribute it. - Maureen Post

We urge you to become a member of the American Civil Liberties Union and support their mission to protect individual rights and national freedoms including a free press.

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Photo Credit : Françoise Huguier