RESIST: Support for Violence Against Women Act

“Let us reject the myth that strong women, bold women, independent women, do not find themselves in the throes of violence at the hands of someone who claimed to love them.”- Rep. Ayanna Pressley, co-sponsor of the Violence Against Women Act. 


“My mom, Sandy, depending on the day, was beaten for being too pretty, too ugly, too smart, too dumb, too black. This man beat my mother’s limbs and down her spirit. His abuse was the deepest of betrayals. He tried to permanently rob her of her dignity, her hope, her joy, her capacity to love and to receive love. Thank God he failed…
Today’s (House of Representatives) passage of VAWA shows the nation that we say NO MORE.
NO MORE to the “boyfriend loophole,” which for nearly twenty years allowed abusive dating partners to purchase and to possess a firearm.
NO MORE to the days where a survivor must choose between living on the streets or remaining with their abuser.
NO MORE to the days when our Native American sisters experiencing domestic violence do not have equal protections under the law.
NO MORE to the exclusion of transwomen.
NO MORE to silence, to violence.”- as spoken by Rep. Pressley on the House floor
Created in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides funding for programs aimed at the prevention and prosecution of abuse against women. The Act, which had been renewed every 5 years until a lapse during February’s government shutdown, is credited with reducing domestic violence by 50% since 1994.
On Thursday, the Act was overwhelmingly renewed in the House and will move to the Senate. The Senate, much under pressure from the National Rifle Association, will potentially shoot down the bill with Republicans demanding a “clean” version that removes provisions for same sex couples and allows boyfriends convicted of abuse to continue purchasing firearms.
We urge you to call/write/email your Senators and impress the importance of the VAWA legislation as well as the added provisions to protect all victims of domestic violence. We believe change comes when we illuminate the realities of domestic and dating violence and stand beside to protect all victims. - Maureen Post

Photo Credit : Donna Ferrato