La Ma R, based in Mexico City, is a slow production project founded by Alana Burns, a trained psychologist and artist. in 2021.

LA MA R - La Ma R stands out for its distinctive pieces that combine artistry and natural beauty, drawing inspiration from the intricate details of the sea. Alana's lifelong fascination with collecting seashells as treasures has shaped the brand's core, transforming these natural elements into exquisite jewelry that tells a story of life's hidden wonders. Each piece by La Ma R is a collaborative effort, crafted with the expertise of local artisans in Mexico City. Alana's approach is deeply rooted in her background in psychology, focusing on the possibilities inherent in each shell, fabric, or material. 

This meticulous process involves understanding the potential of each element, designing unique pieces, and bringing them to life with the help of skilled jewelry makers. 

At La Ma R, beauty is defined by acceptance and gratitude, with each creation serving as a tribute to the natural world's delicate intricacies. The brand embodies a philosophy of honoring the past while imbuing it with new meaning, creating precious objects that resonate with both history and modern aesthetics. La Ma R invites you to explore a world where art meets nature, and every piece tells a unique story of transformation and beauty.