Nina Thomas - Nia Thomas is an ethically made, independent fashion brand founded in 2018. What she describes as a "autobiographical brand" was created for all beings who respect Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

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Carleen Ooak Quit OG Coat - Carleen is a Los Angeles-based womenswear collection designed by Kelsy Parkhouse. Inspired by denim, quilts, Americana and nostalgia, Kelsy makes aesthetically and functionally durable women’s clothing that delights and inspires.

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Bona Drag unequivocally supports Black Lives Matter and equality for all marginalized people.  Please read our statement and hold us accountable.


Mirstores offers a wide range of ready-to-wear handmade knits.  Russia is the country a favorable environment for knitwear production. The MISTORES philosophy puts together the easy and noble style of the clothes and living, the use of mainly natural materials, and Russian production techniques.