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sirius glassworks

Sirius Glassworks has been making handblown vessel work since 1976. Sirius is a family run business based on the styling of master glassmaker Peter Gudrunas. Peter collaborates with his daughter Iris Fraser-Gudrunas who designs contemporary iterations influenced by vintage Sirius designs. 

Melissa Pare

Milwaukee based artist, Melissa Paré elevates the craft of paper pulp sculpture through the novel reuse of the banal detritus of domesticity. At once ethereal and timeless, these one-of-a-kind vessels whimsically allude to the ancient craft of vessel making, while breathing life into 100% upcycled materials.


Designed by Faris Du Graf in Seattle, Washington, FARIS celebrates the space between the levity of play and the gravity of embodiment. Each collection builds on a vocabulary of bold, sculptural statements that aim to elevate the everyday and the rare occasion. At the heart of her work is the sincere desire to imbue wearers with artfulness and audacity