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Scent Amulette


Fragrance has been worn in beautiful adornments since ancient times to ward off evil, enhance the mood and interact with the spirits. Theses Bronze and Silver amulettes are made from recycled metal and come with a custom scent of your choice, as well as a dropper for inserting the scent. The Bronze amulette has a 14k gold-filled chain and the Silver amulette has an oxidized silver chain. Scents are included in a separate vial in case you want to use your own perfume. There is room for just one drop of perfume, but don't worry, you won't need more than that. By Talon. TALON SIGNATURE scent is an intoxicating aroma of tobacco leaf and newly opened orange blossom. The aromatic properties will help with anxiety, disappointment, nervousness and tension.  AVALON scent is fresh and innocent. Slightly grassy, herbal, earthy sweetness of tuberose is combined with the honeyed aroma of jasmine . Choose this scent if you are looking to guard against grief, indecision, jealousy, sadness, shyness, suspicion and tension.

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With the release of Window to Another World, Emily created a full line of jewelry inspired by the haze of northern california and the bowing brownstones of New York City, where she lives and works. Light of the Moon, Embers of the Evening, her newest line draws from the dark mysticism of the medieval period, as well as the simple elegance of the serpent in quicksilver. All jewelry is made by hand in New York using mostly recycled metals.


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