Nina Palacio has a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and has worked in the fine jewelry field for 10 years. Nina joined Cival Collective in 2019 working on semi-precious designs for their line and now uses her expertise in CAD (computer aided design) software to create custom bridal and engagement jewelry.

What are you most proud of? "I'm really proud to work for a female owned and operated small business. Working in a beautiful studio space with genuine, supportive, inspiring, intelligent women has been a huge turning point for myself and my career. I'm  also really proud of us for making things work during such an inhospitable time for small businesses." 

Is there something new that you've started doing in the past 4 months? "A new thing I've started doing during quarantine is listening to audiobooks from the Library. As finances and life in general continued to become more unstable I started cutting back on monthly subscriptions (Audible) and replaced them with free alternatives (Libby!) I don’t know why I hadn’t been taking advantage of something as logical as the library all along."

What's your favorite part about Milwaukee/place? "My favorite thing about Milwaukee is the restaurants. I'm a nerd and made a very long but helpful list in my phone of all my favorite places and new restaurants I need to go to. Eating carryout or delivery in your pajamas was great for a bit, but I miss making plans with friends, getting a little dressed up, and eating food I would never have the skills to make myself. 😢 restaurants."

Who do you think needs advice and what would you like to tell them? "I would like to advise Donald Trump to lay down on a highway during rush hour and take a forever nap."

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