Chloe Stingley a.k.a Mekah is a multi-media folk artist, performer, mother and full spectrum doula who is also an incorporating member of a housing co-op/community space in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. Mekah identifies as an afro-indigenous queer being who strives for alignment within to live a life the ancestors are proud of.

What is your favorite thing/place in Milwaukee? "My favorite thing about Milwaukee is the essence and meaning of the name! One of the original spellings from the Ojibwe language is "Minowakiing" and it can be translated to "gathering place by the waters". This city has a darkness and a magic, a small town feel in an urban setting that is perfect for finding your tribe, living in village and laying low while building up. I can really connect to others and gather my whole self by the water even in the midst of the chaos."

What have you started doing in the past months, during quarantine? "I've started co-creating songs and recording them with my sister Saskia in her home studio. Milwaukee is filled with gifted artists and for years I have found myself being the muse for some, singing back up for others and supporting from backstage or in the crowd. The experience of quarantine has opened up a creative space in me that has been longing for some light and I'm so grateful to receive guidance and encouragement from a musician with over thirty years of experience who has helped me appreciate my unique tone and style."

Who do you think needs advice and what would you like to tell them?"Young/new parents. We have all that we need! Committing to unlearning and clearing colonization from our bodies and minds is crucial to raising the little elders that chose to come through us. Tap in to your inner knowing, seek truth on purpose and don't be afraid of what you find - it will free you! Be gentle, curious, courageous and honest as we deconstruct the old to assist our children with creating the new."

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